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PSE Archery has come out with this new (Fastest compound bow) that shoots like no other.I have to say this bow has a great draw curve, meaning it does not have the hump at the end I see in most speed bows.The wall (the backend) stops nice. Also with 70% Letoff, & Valley this bow does not feel like it wants to run if you ease up ( relax at full draw).On the shoot this bow is “dead in hand” with no hand shock.This bow points like a bird dog, With a balance that is great.I have shot a lot of speed bows, Never owning one because the  Draw curve, Letoff, &  Valley was not what I look for with my hunting bow.I can say this bow has me rethinking that.


Brace Height…5 1/4

Axle-to Axle…33 1/4

ATA/IBO… 370-362 fps


Mass Weight…4.1lbs.

Draw Length Specific Cams…26 1/2″- 30″

Draw Weights (lbs.) 50,60,65,70

The bow I shoot was a 60# 28″ bow… All I can say is WOW!!!

With just a whisker biscuit no peep, no sight, & no Stabilizer

Shot a Gold Tip 400 Arrow with blazer vanes & wrap 380 gn

Speeds was 304-305

Shot a Gold Tip 500 Arrow with VaneTec vanes 326 gn

Speeds was 328-329

This is a shooter for sure!!!

As you can see in the video below I really like this bow

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