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Archives for : Our Podcast

Georgia Archery Podcast #24 Weekend Review

We review the past weekend Aug /10-11/ 2019.

Lots of archers shooting and enjoying this sport. Be sure to like and share and subscribe.


Georgia Archery Podcast #22 Weekend Review

We talk about the last ASA of the year and who from Georgia was at the top of the list. Congrats to ALL the winners.  We also talk about the M.E.G.A. and how much fun that was.

Georgia Archery (Bonus) with Billy Hudalla

Our guest today is Mr. Billy Hudalla. He works for the Rep group MWS Associates, Inc.  They rep Lots of great products. We talk about the products he reps , about archery and more  As always thanks for tuning in.

Georgia Archery Podcast #21 Weekend Preview

As we do every week. We talk about the upcoming weekend and who is having a shoot. Or where most everyone is going to shoot. 

Georgia Archery Podcast # 20 Weekend Review

We review what went on in archery here in the great state of Georgia. With over 350 archers shooting somewhere we definitely had something to talk about. Hope you enjoy. Be sure to like and share it with ALL your archery friends.  ALSO ITS CONTEST TIME!!!!!!