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The beauty of the Long Bow…

By:James Pressley
Traditional Archery Society Charter Member

The beauty of the Long Bow…995230_3687757367954_42167675_n
To me there is nothing in archery more graceful than the sleek lines of a long bow. The graceful taper of it’s limbs. The curve of it’s handle. The soft hum the string makes after release. Simply majesty. Proof in my opinion of a loving God.
I understand if this seems a bit weird to some people. After all in today’s society people almost never name their trucks anymore, call their guns sweetheart or sweet lips, rarely do they have a knife that generations of their family have carried and skinned game with. Not the case for a long bow shooter. I’ve yet to meet a long bow shooter who didn’t absolutely LOVE his bow. Almost to the point of obsession in some cases. We care for them and admire them and take pictures of our bows on hunts. Most of the time we aren’t even in the pictures!!! Just the bow. I know people that have bows named for wives, girlfriends, daughters, mistresses, saints and queens. I also know people who have long bows commissioned and named after chapters in books such as The Lord of the Rings or Bows on the Little Delta. Like I keep saying longbowmen are a romantic lot.

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Traditional Archery Post #1


One of the questions I get asked a lot is why shoot traditional?300887_1540756494274_150212780_n
Well the answers are many and varied. It will depend on when you ask me, who you ask and when you ask them. Many of us shoot for the simple pleasure of it. Many of use shoot because we like the discipline. Many of us shoot because we love the romance of it. I fall into the last category. I love the romance of a long bow. The stalk, the flight of the arrow and the sound it makes upon impact.

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