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Podcast #6 Week In Preview

On today’s Podcast we talk about what is coming up for the weekend. We also talk about the GIVE-A-WAY Contest. We always have a good time chatting it up. Hope you enjoy. Be sure to like and share with everyone.

Week In Review 2019

Georgia Archery Podcast #5

Today we talk Traditional Archery with John Powell of Georgia Bowbenders We also talk about the Traditional Bowhunters of Georgia We learn about the trad world and how big it is in Georgia.

Georgia Archery Podcast #4

We talk about the past weekend of archery from local 3D shoots to the Gator Cup. We also talked with Georgia archers Matthew Russell & Anna Scarbrough as they were the top qualifiers after day one in FL. We also have a give-a-way. Its a fun time with us!!!!

Georgia Archery Podcast #3 Week in Preview

Today’s podcast with a new co-host we do a rundown of upcoming shoots (Week In Preview). Robbie Surface & Big John Chandler talk about JOAD, 3D Archery, S3DA and much more. We also talk about Social Media and where to find Georgia Archery.