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Podcast #2 is Here

Today I have David Alligood the PSE regional rep for the state of Georgia We talk about the new bows, We also talk about the ASA Pro-Am in Georgia,a other products and more.

Our 1st Podcast

For our first podcast my guest is Robbie Surface. He is an archery tech at ACE Archery in Social Circle GA. He also is the maker of the He also working with the Georgia S3DA. So what a better way to kick off the the new podcast.

NEW 2017 PSE Evolve 31 First Look Review

I know it has been over a year… I hope to get to doing more videos soon.

Georgia ASA SOY Updated

Hey the scores have been updated to see where you are.

Click Here


I have been asked to host the updates of the SOY Scores like I did last year.

Here is the link