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Georgia Archery Podcast # 20 Weekend Review

We review what went on in archery here in the great state of Georgia. With over 350 archers shooting somewhere we definitely had something to talk about. Hope you enjoy. Be sure to like and share it with ALL your archery friends.  ALSO ITS CONTEST TIME!!!!!!

Georgia Archery Podcast #19 Weekend Preview

This is the (Weekend Preview) where we talk about what events are going on this weekend around the state. Thank you for listening.

Georgia Archery Podcast # 18

With ASA State this weekend we got a chance to talk with Scott Parrott about the shoot, the ASA and more. We also talk about the OPA and more. As always thanks for listening.

Georgia Archery Podcast #17

We talk about who is shooting this weekend and the winner of the Give-A-Way.

Georgia Archery Podcast #16

We talk about the S3DA Nationals 3D & Outdoors. Also USA Archery JOAD Outdoor Nationals. 

We also take about the shoots that was in Georgia this past weekend. Always a good time!! Enjoy.