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Some of the top Georgia Archers went to The Vegas Shoot

tumblr_inline_n0j4ozCIsL1qf55v4The Vegas Shoot, known as the largest and most prestigious indoor archery tournament in the World, attracts everyone form novice to Olympic archers from around the Globe. This shoot had more than 2,500 archers at South Point Arena. We had 30 Georgia Archers go and try their luck in the BIG Show. With lots of classes we had archers in lots of them. The Vegas Shoot introduced the new Young Adult Championship division (Freestyle and Limited Recurve).  These new divisions allowed young archers (ages 15-17) to compete for cash prizes on the same Arena floor as the best archers in the World.  2015 also introduced a new partnership between The Vegas Shoot, Easton Foundations and the NFAA Foundation.  Archery scholarships awarded to the top archers in all Junior divisions.

We had some Georgia Archers make top 3 places in their respective classes.

1          GILLIAM Alex Recurve – Youth Male10959839_10202532184185594_8584436382055816280_n

2          CLARK Evan Freestyle Unlimited – Youth Male10959589_1416071835352849_4423841079456841265_n

3          MCGEORGE Dillon Freestyle Unlimited – Young Adult Championship 15239_10153107898027700_3866508551016211772_n


We also had some that shot really well making the top five.

4          HARDIN Hannah Freestyle Unlimited – Young Adult Female

5          JOHNSTON Kailey Freestyle Unlimited – Championship Female

5          SAPP Carson Freestyle Unlimited – Young Adult Male

5          WEINSTEIN Matthew Freestyle Unlimited – Youth Male

Then the Archers that made in the top ten.

8          KENNEDY Sandra Recurve – Young Adult Female

9          O’CONNOR Daniel Freestyle Unlimited – Youth Male

9          WRIGHT Corey Freestyle Unlimited – Young Adult Male

The rest of the  Georgia Archers placements listed below.

12        MO Hali Recurve – Flights – Flight 5

13        BROTHERS Caleb Recurve – Youth Male

21        COLSTON Carmen Recurve – Young Adult Female

22        ARNOLD John Recurve – Young Adult Male

22        CLARK Cody Freestyle Unlimited – Flights – Flight 8

25        MEADOWS Lawson Freestyle Unlimited – Flights – Flight 7

28        TASSO Tina Freestyle Unlimited – Flights – Flight 8

28        CLARK Justin Freestyle Unlimited – Flights – Flight 16

31        LUCAS B. Cody Freestyle Unlimited – Young Adult Male

32        CRIDER Slaton Freestyle Unlimited – Flights – Flight 2

33        FORD Lee Recurve – Flights – Flight 2

33        ROGERS Jeff Freestyle Unlimited – Championship Senior

38        GROCE Aaron Freestyle Unlimited – Championship Male

39        BELL S. Montana Freestyle Unlimited – Young Adult Championship

48        RYALS George Freestyle Unlimited – Championship Male

51        MCGLASHAN Matthew Freestyle Unlimited – Young Adult Male

73        SHANER Rhonda Freestyle Unlimited – Championship Female

89        JONES Randall Unlimited – Championship Senior

196      CLARK Jonathan Freestyle Unlimited – Championship Male

217      RAPER Will Freestyle Unlimited – Championship Male

I want to say great job to EVERYONE that shot from the great state of Georgia.

With 2500 plus archers just shooting is a great accomplishment. We also got to watch the shoot down with Georgia’s Own GRIV commentating. You did a great job, thanks for filling us in on everything as we watched. If you missed it here is a link . One day Georgia will have one of the up and coming archers in the BIG SHOW. Are maybe some of the older ones will make it back (Griv). 

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