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Week N Review

 No Video Week N Review

Sorry guys & gals, I did not get a video up this week. I had some family matters to take2015-03-11 13.20.42 care of. I hope to get back on the 3D range this weekend so I have been setting up the bow for 3D from indoors. It was also time for some new strings. I think they turned out nice. River Bottom Sunday here I come (Hopefully).  But I wanted to give you the info that would have been in the video.

What happened this past weekend?

Benton Shooters had About 85 shooters

River Bend Gun Club Had 73 shooters


LOGA 5-Spot shoot. About 32 shooters

Bowhunters Supply Store ASA state qualifier 160 shooters

Noble Fellowship Archery Range About 40 shooters


Redneck Archery Club 119 shooters

BTBGA About 50 Shooters


Who’s shooting this weekend?

INDOOR NFAA Indoor National Championships

Bow Docs Archery

Bucks Beards Archery

Rocky Branch


North Forty Archery Club

Sweetwater Archery Club

Appling Archers Critter Shoot

Christian Bowhunters of Georgia

Ogeechee Bowmen


River Bottom Outdoors


As you can see lots of shooting this weekend, Until next time. Take someone teach them how to shoot a bow it will last them a lifetime.


Big John Chandler



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