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Indoor , ASA, & More

GAA Indoor, Georgia ASA Shoots and More!!!

Vegas, 2 ASA State Qualifiers & GAA State Indoor

Some of the top Georgia Archers went to The Vegas Shoot

tumblr_inline_n0j4ozCIsL1qf55v4The Vegas Shoot, known as the largest and most prestigious indoor archery tournament in the World, attracts everyone form novice to Olympic archers from around the Globe. This shoot had more than 2,500 archers at South Point Arena. We had 30 Georgia Archers go and try their luck in the BIG Show. With lots of classes we had archers in lots of them. The Vegas Shoot introduced the new Young Adult Championship division (Freestyle and Limited Recurve).  These new divisions allowed young archers (ages 15-17) to compete for cash prizes on the same Arena floor as the best archers in the World.  2015 also introduced a new partnership between The Vegas Shoot, Easton Foundations and the NFAA Foundation.  Archery scholarships awarded to the top archers in all Junior divisions.

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Wow lots of 4-H Fundraising this month, and 3-D is booming. Week N Review