Georgia Archery is the brainchild of “BigJohn” Chandler.

It is a place to show all types of archery around Georgia and archers from Georgia Shooting all over. We want to promote archery in Georgia. We also promote Georgia archers wherever they shoot. Be it Local shoots, State events, National events, International, or backyard fun.

We do this in several ways.

First with a weekly video called “Week In Review” Comes out on Wednesday every week. In this video we talk about who is holding shoots for the coming weekend.

We also talk about the past weekend and how many where there shooting.

Second we have a calendar that has most every shoot date on it for everyone to see.

If your dates are not on the calendar, email: georgiaarchery@gmail.com  all the info and they will be added.

Third is the website www.georgiaarchery.com. This is where the videos, calendar information, archery club listing, archery shops, and more.

Forth would be social media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

This is a place to post things that are cool the archery world. Also things like the website updates, new videos, added shoot dates to the calendar.

The goal of Georgia Archery is to grow the sport state wide. We hope to do this by helping clubs, shops, manufactures, and state originations to promote the things they are doing. Clubs are listed free and will talk about when they hold shoots on the video. Shops are also listed and if they hold events they may opt to advertise it with us.

Manufactures that have a product they would like to advertise we can to that too.

State Originations hold shoots and state events that are promoted with us.

All in all why I do this is “the love of the sport” to help it grow and be around for everyone to enjoy for a long time to come.


Big John Chandler