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Archives for : Our Podcast

Georgia Archery Podcast #28 “It’s been awhile”

Well it’s been a few but here is another great podcast.

Georgia Archery Podcast #27

Weekend Review & Preview Rolled in to one. A few shoots this past weekend and some World Medals coming back to Georgia. All that and more.

Georgia Archery Podcast #26

Hunting Shoots, Georgia Archers in Spain, Arrow Twirling & More…

Hope you enjoy!!! We thank everyone for listening.

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Georgia Archery Podcast #24 Weekend Review

We review the past weekend Aug /10-11/ 2019.

Lots of archers shooting and enjoying this sport. Be sure to like and share and subscribe.


Georgia Archery Podcast #22 Weekend Review

We talk about the last ASA of the year and who from Georgia was at the top of the list. Congrats to ALL the winners.  We also talk about the M.E.G.A. and how much fun that was.