Georgia Indoor League

The Statewide League will consist of 9 weeks, broken into three 3-week sessions. The archer’s best score from each session will count toward their final statewide placement.

Session 1: Jan 8 – Jan 27, 2024. Archers will submit a minimum of 1 Rumble 600 round, consisting of 12 ends of 5 arrows for a maximum total of 600. Xs will be used as tie-breakers. All scores for Session 1 must be submitted no later than Feb 3, 2024.

Session 2: Jan 28– Feb 18, 2024. Archers will submit a minimum of 1 Vegas 300 round, consisting of 10 ends of 3 arrows for a maximum total of 300. Xs will be used as tie-breakers.  All scorecards for Session 2 must be submitted no later than Feb 25, 2024.

Session 3: Feb 18– Mar 11, 2024. Archers will submit a minimum of 1 NFAA 300 round (blue/white face), consisting of 12 ends of 5 arrows for a maximum total of 300. Xs will be used as tie-breakers. All scorecards for Session 3 must be submitted no later than Mar 17, 2024.

Each round can be shot on a single night or broken down into 2 half rounds to be completed on separate nights. A round cannot be broken down any farther.

Archers will shoot their rounds at any registered 20-yard range around the state. If your local club/range is not a registered location and is interested in participating, have them contact Georgia Archery for details.

All participating archers must be members in good standing with at least one archery organization. (NFAA/GBAA, USA Archery/GAA, ASA, or S3DA)

*** Registered clubs/ranges are responsible for submitting their scorecards via the online form linked *** Ranges are encouraged to submit their weekly scorecards as their rounds are completed during the League. Updated placements based on each archer’s total scores will be posted throughout the event. Scores will not be posted until the League has been completed and all scores have been submitted.

Archers must submit all 3 scores to be given a final ranking and be eligible for awards.

Archers may submit more than one score per session but only the highest will be used. There will be an additional $5 collected for each additional session score submitted.

All rounds will follow NFAA rules as stated in the NFAA Constitution and By-Laws, Article IV, Section E (pp 54-56).

A downloadable scorecard will be provided by Georgia Archery or any standardized scorecard can be used to record arrow values.


Adult Divisions

Adult: Male and female archers through the age of 49

Senior: Male and female archers age 50 and over

Junior Divisions

Male and female archers in age groups of:

Young Adult (15 through 17 years of age)

Youth (age 12 through 14)

Cub (under 12 years of age)



Bowhunter Freestyle=Pins


Freestyle Limited Recurve = Olympic Recurve

Adult Classes- Maximum 27/64″ diameter arrow shaft

Junior Classes- Maximum 23/64″ diameter arrow shaft (9.3mm)

Sight lights are allowed


Or their single spot equivalents                                                 

  Session 1

  Session 2

  Session 3


Adult Classes-$25

Junior Classes-$20

Additional $5 for each session score submitted after the first submission. Clubs/Ranges will provide the target face for the archers scoring round at no additional cost BUT may charge standard lane rental fees as part of their standard business practice.